Welcome to Essentia. A few websites claim to have Essentia coupon or promo codes, however none exist. We do not offer coupons codes to other websites.

Here's why....

We offer free shipping throughout North America and our 60 day money back guarantee represents much more than a coupon code would. Given the quality of our products our prices are pretty fantastic.

Sign up for a promo code here on our sale page.

Some sites may try to get you with misspells of Essentia coupon codes like: 

- "Essentia Promo"
- "Essencia Promotional"
- "Essentia Mattress Promo"
- "MyEssentia.com Promo Codes"
- "Esentia Promo Codes" 

These websites will not give any discounts because we do not provide them with promo codes. 

There's only 1 Essentia. With free shipping, 60 day money back guarantee, 20 year limited warranty, awesome customer service and unique Essentia product quality it's hard not to be entirely satisfied. Our privacy policy and online purchasing info can be found by visiting the customer service center. You won't find promo codes there but you will find everything you need to know about Essentia customer service.