Stratami Hybrid

Stratami Hybrid

Stratami Hybrid

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Stratami Hybrid Organically Built

The Stratami Hybrid mattress is the second Essentia Crossover™ for those looking for the top in quality and comfort from this popular mattress segment. Essentia's hybrid mattresses take comfort for the next level and the Stratami Hybrid mattress merits a similar name to our top recommended mattress, the Stratami! The Stratami Hybrid features the same active latex comfort formula that has made the Stratami mattress so popular, leading the pack for foam mattresses. Taking this layer and adding it to a spring core allows you to experience the unmatched support and comfort not found in other hybrid mattresses on the market. 

The Stratami Hybrid features a layer of the newly developed formula of our patented natural memory foam that is positioned right above the individually pocketed recycled steel coils which allow for the absorption of motion transfer created by springs. This unique assembly sets the Stratami Hybrid mattress apart in the latex and spring mattress category creating a high performing and comfortable hybrid mattress. This is a 11 inch mattress.

Organic Cotton Cover

This GOTS certified organic cover features a full zip making it easy to remove and washable.

Kevlar Cover

Stratami Formula Organic Latex Foam Comfort Core

Comfort layer is comprised of 2 inches organic stratami formula active latex comfort foam on top of 1 inch patented natural memory foam. This one of a kind comfort core offers contouring pressure relief, support, and absorption of motion transfer as your body transitions to the innerspring support core. You can expect a cradling contour that allows your body to be hugged by the mattress without losing support.

Support Core

8" individually pocketed support coils made of recycled steel for zoned ergonomic support that offers edge support that won't bottom out.

Key Elements of the Stratami Hybrid


Organically Clean

Made using only the highest quality natural and organic components, Essentia mattresses reduce VOC exposure so your body can spend less time fighting outside elements and more time healing. All Essentia products are manufactured in Essentia’s GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic factory, ensuring that there are no chemical flame retardants, poly foams or toxic chemicals traditionally found in synthetic mattresses.

Allergy Friendly

Essentia mattresses are impervious to dust mites and do not contain latex proteins that may trigger allergies as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Essentia also does not use any wool or fiber batting that may act as a nesting ground for dust mites. You can rest easy knowing you won’t be exposed to potential allergens on an Essentia mattress.

"I feel that Essentia mattress combined with Dream Weaver is the perfect combination for a restful sleep for reinventing your body, resurrecting your soul."



The Deep Contour Stratami Hybrid

The Stratami Hybrid has a unique quality like no other, it has full-body support and pressure redistribution as you lay still while remaining fully responsive to support your natural movement at night. The Stratami Hybrid's unique comfort core consisting of new technology active latex foam and Essentia’s patented natural memory foam makes the Stratami Hybrid the most comfortable hybrid mattress available today. You can expect a cradling contour that allows your body to be hugged by the mattress without losing support. Essentia’s high-density latex foams have the resiliency and elasticity for the perfect transition to the zoned ergonomic support pocketed coil system. 

Made in Essentia's GOLS & GOTS Certified Organic Factory

Featuring a new formulation from Essentia's team in the organic development lab, it was imperative to create the proper consistency and elasticity of the active latex foam and patented natural memory foam that would be unique to this hybrid mattress. The foam layers are fused together and then passed on to be assembled with the zoned pocketed ergonomic support system. The finishing for the hybrid mattress requires textiles for the perimeter and base with less stretch, maintaining proper perimeter integrity and edge support. 

Allergy Free Sleep

You won’t find us resorting to adding wool or cotton padding as the comfort layer, and we’ll never ask you to purchase an additional topper to make this mattress feel great. The Stratami Hybrid mattress is allergy-friendly as it doesn’t have the top layer of wool or cotton padding that acts as a fibrous nesting ground that dust mites love. In fact, Essentia’s patented natural memory foam, as reported by Dr. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, doesn’t harbor dust mites as they cannot live in our foam. 

Clean Ingredients, Clean Sleep

We didn’t cut any corners when creating the Stratami Hybrid, which means that all components were thoughtfully sourced and pass all of Essentia’s standards for Beyond Organic production in our GOLS & GOTS certified organic factory. This also rang true when sourcing our ergonomic innerspring support system by ensuring the coils used were made of recycled steel. By using GOLS & GOTS certified components you can sleep easy knowing there are no chemical flame retardants or toxic chemicals found in synthetic mattress in any Essentia product.