Rise and Thrive: S1 Ep7

Essentia Rise & Thrive Podcast Featuring Philipp Samor of Leela Quantum Tech

EPISODE 7: Understanding Quantum Technology, EMF Protection & Your Health

Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff joins us for a conversation about quantum technology, energy frequencies, and how to mitigate the effects of chaotic frequencies and EMFs on your body. 

Philipp Samor is a conscious entrepreneur, alternative health ambassador, and energy healer. His passion is to help others free their potential, and to help spread “tools” in the world that can act as a bridge for humans on the path to fully unlocking the access to our full consciousness, e.g., Carbon 60 as well as quantum and frequency technology.

Essentia: Rise & Thrive Featuring Philipp Von Holtzendorff of Leela Quantum Tech

Welcome back to Essentia: Rise & Thrive! This week, Jack Dell'Accio, Essentia CEO & Founder, and our moderator Whitney Lauritsen host Philipp Samor Von Holtzendorff for a conversation about Quantum technology, energy frequencies and how to mitigate the effects of chaotic frequencies and EMFs on your body. 

Philipp Samor is a conscious entrepreneur, alternative health ambassador, and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career as CMO and Vice President at Fortune 500 companies in Europe and the US, including TMobile, Philipp has worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him from truly connecting with his true self. He's also been trained in various energy healing and shamanic practices. He left corporate America and solely focused on cutting-edge and groundbreaking alternative health technologies and substances. His passion is to help others free their potential, and to help spread “tools” in the world that can act as a bridge for humans on the path to fully unlocking the access to our full consciousness, e.g., Carbon 60 as well as quantum and frequency technology. You can keep up with Leela Quantum Tech on Instagram and join the Quantum Power Group on Telegram here.

You can also access all of the Leela Quantum Tech research here.

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You can also read the full transcript of the Essentia: Rise & Thrive podcast featuring Philipp Von Holtzendorff here: 

Whitney: Hello, and welcome to Rise and Thrive. This is a series where we explore some of the biggest topics in wellness and how they affect our sleep so that you can learn to wake up every single day, feeling rested, recharged, and ready for anything. I'm Whitney Lauritsen the moderator. And I'm joined by Jack, the CEO and founder of Essentia Natural Memory Foam. And our special guest today is Philipp Samor.

Philipp is a conscious entrepreneur, alternative health ambassador and energy healer. He's also trained in energy healing and shamonic practices. He left corporate America and solely focused on cutting edge and groundbreaking alternative health technologies and substances. We're recording this podcast today on Clubhouse to have a live discussion about how to mitigate the impacts of EMFs and chaotic synthetic waves all around us to transform energetic, blockages, and open up the human treasures within ourselves.

If you're live with us on Clubhouse, you'll have a chance a little bit later to come up on stage and ask any questions you want to fill up. And we also encourage you to visit https://myessentia.com/podcast to get more information about this broadcast, the previous broadcast we've done any upcoming broadcasts and clubhouses are working on.

And now I'd love to turn it over to Jack, to share a little bit more about what you would love to discuss today with Phillip and why you brought him onto this clubhouse. 

Jack: Sure. Thank you. It was actually really a very, really important episode for me. For years I've been always focused on the impacts of stimulants during sleep on a person's wellness.

This runs from the most obvious pain as a stimulant to toxins, to temperature. And so on. In recent years we really focused on EMS and chronic radiation exposure. We live in our modern world and the main thing when it comes to everything I've sent you, it needs to be evidence-based for us to really introduce it into what we do at Essentia and that's been the biggest challenges, to introducing energy technologies. In fact, I'm pretty familiar with energy technologies over 10 years ago, I personally went through energy treatment and and it worked out really well. But it really struggled and explaining how it worked and what it did.

And most of my friends thought I was just crazy that it was maybe just a a placebo type of effect. But I, I do, I did feel it was real. I know that the impacts it had on me were real. And today, a few years ago, I started working in doctor Hagle Voltaire, and he introduced me to evidence through dark field microscopy.

And that's when re we really were able to make the connection of energy treatments, what it is and how it really had real time evidence on our blood work. That's when we brought it into Ascension. And that's when we said, okay, it's now evidence-based we were able to go. Our guests here today is a star.

And that's where I'm really excited about it. Phil, thank you for joining us. First of all I'm really excited that you're here because I saw you at the biohacking conference. You were on stage with Dave Asprey and I was really impressed with your background. It's not a common route coming from corporate America and basically your knowledge of this really unknown space.

I'm really happy that you're here. You can maybe even tell us a story of how corporate America and corporate Europe VP, not even, like a pretty important title in that industry and what led you to this wellness space and how now you're you're someone that we can turn to for guidance and knowledge on this.

So again, really excited to have you here and help spread the word. We want to help people understand this really important factor in. 

Philipp: Sounds great. Thanks so much for having me. I'm glad to be here. This is exciting. And it's actually the first time I'm on clubhouse. So as this even more exciting now, and yeah, so I think the, what we're gonna talk about is, you could consider it a little bit of woop or for a lot of people.

It sounds woo. Which we will, I want to define that real quick is the unknown, it's the reality that we are not so familiar with or can't really see and touch yet it's becoming more and more visible to more and more people. So it is real and it can be proven with evidence, but again, it's because of our past and how we've been living our lives with our focus.

It's hard for many people. To make that first step. So that's where my background may come in handy. That's actually also what I firmly believe why I went through all of that. I was not like my wife and someone like Roman Hafner that we worked with born with the ability to see all energy fields and frequencies and stuff like that.

I had completely forgotten that and this conscious divine connection, if you will, or however you want to call it, the conscious connection to your higher self is something that I didn't have available to me anymore. I even, 20 years ago I would find myself in a seminar that was about negotiation tactics and stuff like that.

And I realized that I had been really cut off from my own feelings and emotions that I would really. I lived in my brain and I was just very factual and brain focused. And that was one of the points where I said, okay, so maybe there's a lot more to everything. And then, it started with ripple effects and then really in the early two thousands, I started to do go through trainings in 2005, I met my wife and she was born with the ability to see all raw and basically see the unseen, which then catapulted me even further into this world where I got a lot more understanding and was able to develop those skills myself and, fast forward now it's for me relatively easy to do an energetic assessment.

Do lots of other things. I've been trained and past life work and stuff like that. I am now grateful actually for this experience to have forgotten myself at some point, because I know how this journey is and what it takes and how difficult it is for someone that just lives in that world to yeah. To try to understand or get to this other part as well.

So yeah. What brought me into the wellness space? So obviously, yeah, I worked at T-Mobile and those internationally and in the U S I think the experience is very helpful to see that first, not everybody that's working in that industry is bad, and everybody knows that they're selling you have devices.

Jack: Is there any awareness of it? Is that something that's discussed? Is that, was that ever a topic while you were working in that corporate. 

Philipp: While I was there. It was really not a topic. Maybe in an, all those years, a couple of times it was brought up lightly somewhere, but no one really talked about no one discussed about it.

And even in the general public, it was not even such a big deal. I think that has changed now. I've been out of that industry since 2012, working there. So I can't tell you right now how it is. I think there's more awareness probably, but still you focus on the positive things there, right? You focus on everything that 5g can do, and that's what you get excited about there.

Right now, those people, I still see my old fellows working on the 5g rollout and all of that. And I think. Since with most of them, at least that they don't know about this other aspect really. Yeah. And there are positive great things about the technology always. So there's good and bad things.

Now we certainly want to look at the other thing as well. So what happened with the wellness path is really that, first of all, I had this natural interest in this. Anyway. I think there's a little healer that was always within me. That's the one thing. And the other thing is that my wife was diagnosed with a chronic Lyme disease and she was diagnosed five years after she had gotten it because she, once she was diagnosed, she immediately made the connection when she had gotten the tick bite five years ago and all of that.

And then, obviously it was too late for a quick treatment. Everybody said you. He let you have to deal with it all your life. She ended up going to Dr. Klinghardt's office, doing lots of other things that certainly her own abilities help quite a bit, but it stimulated my interest in this alternative health and biohacking space to find the best stuff, to always be ahead of whatever's out there, get something that, that helps. And yeah, so I really developed this passion about it, learned a lot of stuff and that's almost, when did that start? It's a lot, quite a long time ago now. And, with my wife and no one needs to be concerned anymore, she's completely over it healed no symptoms, no side effects, nothing left and out of that.

Develop my story that, I stayed in corporates for still, for some time while I was working on removing my own blockages. And at some point I just did and followed what's truly within me. And that's what I've been doing ever since. 

Whitney: Wow. Oh, that's very inspiring. And it really ties right into so many of the conversations we've been having on clubhouse for the podcast.

But also goes in a direction that we haven't gone in at all, which is really thrilling. And before we started before we went live on clubhouse, we were talking about fi th the way that wireless internet impacts us so much. And then I just had this thought we're all using it in some extent or another right now in clubhouse.

So my first question is how do you. How do you go about using technology and all of the amazing ways that it's available to connect us in instances like this through clubhouse and podcasting and zoom and all of that, while also mitigating the downsides of it how do you, how have you organized your life, where you can still stay in touch through technology, but minimize the risk factor that wireless internet and other forms of technology have started to go in a bad direction for our health.

Philipp: Yeah, it is. So the good news is that there's tools out there. We have to develop the technology that can actually remove the problem if you will. And the negative impact while allowing you to still use all of this at all times to the full extent. That's a problem with blocking EMF completely.

You can do that with some EMF protective clothing, which by the way, we also have, in addition that it's charged, but that would just protect you wherever you wear this. You could, certainly do that for your whole home and make sure that no EMF gets in there's ways to do that, but then it doesn't have much use if you want to be on a podcast then or surf the web.

So with our technology works in a different way. So we don't block EMF. We harmonize the neutralizes so that there's no harmful effect on the body or the energetic system. Any more and that applies not only to humans, but also to animals and plants. It's pretty visible. So then the question is oh, okay, I'll say it's all invisible and you still have signals.

I don't know how that could work. Yeah, it does work because we have proven in multiple studies that, that's the case. And from very early on, because I knew that the vast majority of the people have a hard time understanding something that is so hard to see. And so new, we focused on these studies very early on.

So we gave our technology to various institutes. One is the EGF Institute. It's the largest European independent European research and testing Institute for you. Has it been around for decades? The other one is the base Institute. It's an Institute that does biofeedback and biosystem analysis.

And this also happens to be the largest Institute in Europe. That's independent in this space and then various doctors practices and other practitioners. We gave our products there. They tested them. We had no clue what they're doing and what would come back. And an a hundred percent of the cases, they were able to measure a significant improvements when our technology was introduced.

And I give you one example that was tested by the EGF Institute. It's the heart rate variability. Which is directly connected to the autonomous nervous system. And it's a pretty good indicator actually. So they would do the test before and then they would basically blast EMF onto those test.

And then our technology would be introduced and you can see the before and after effects that are very visible than they have been dark field microscopy studies. So where you look at blood samples and you can see the bloods blood cells, literally under this Dartford microscope, and we have those pictures, that's actually quite interesting to look at it.

So you can see what actually happens with the blood when you're exposed to EMF. And we've done actually a lot of those in Austria. And now we've just recently done a randomized double blind study that was run by Dr. Beverly Rubik, who is very highly regarded here in the U S. And that was for me.

Amazing because that was someone so she's extremely experienced, right? She's run such studies since three decades, she's published multiple peer review reviewed studies. And she was very skeptical about this because she was also like you don't plug it into the wall, so how does it work? And I don't think it's going to work.

And then I was like, okay, so what would change your mind? And she said if I run a randomized, double blind study with this and a sham device also and it turns out to be a positive, then that would change my mind. Then I was like, okay, so how much does it take? Can you do it? When do you have time?

And then that was the journey with this part. And she actually set up the study was searching for test persons and. The result was that in a hundred percent of the cases, there was huge, negative impact on the blood by wifi that was introduced in this study. So they also did the before pictures and after pictures.

And it's crazy how it looks. And then in a hundred percent of the cases, when our quantum block that was used in this study was introduced. All of those effects were neutralized, all of them, even in most cases, better than before. And that was only in a 10 minute timeframe. We know that develops because after 20 minutes there's more impact.

And yeah, and she had the jaw wide open and couldn't believe it. And she was like, this is amazing. This is a. I don't want to say too much here, but she said to me, this is a solution for a lot of things. And she was pretty touched by it, frankly. And so it was, I, and what she also noticed is that the blood white blood cell count increased in all of those test persons.

Now that is something that I'm not going to claim yet, because we want to do more studies in that regard, because we hadn't looked at that before. That was just almost coincidentally that she also saw this while she was really not paying attention at white blood cell count, she saw this and then she saw it each time.

So that's something for us to follow. Yeah. What else did we do? You go ahead. 

Whitney: What you're describing here. And I imagine this is what inspired Jack to have you on today is how incredibly important that is to get rest quality sleep. And that's one of the main focuses of this podcast in this series and everything that Jack does.

Jack, I'm curious, what's going through your mind and have you experimented with this yourself? 

Jack: Yeah, absolutely. That sort of really thrilled about having you here today is just because one I believe in technology and I believe in progress and I believe in everything that we're doing moving forward as a community, as a, and getting off the grid is not an option for me work with so many pro athletes and I'm able to change their routines on.

Their sleep habits or their their timing they're correcting their sleep environment. But I, what I can't do is tell them not to have, their progress with them. They're they need to have their technologies, whether it'd be their phones, wifi, everyone needs to stay connected.

I know you live in New Mexico, but you're not off the grid. The grid, there is no off grid anymore. And creating these shelter homes, it's not what the solution that everyone's looking for. So that's where, that's what I'm so excited about. Yeah. We've introduced this about three years.

We've introduced this into our mattresses. But even along the way, what I really wanted to have people understand is Even though we say we have this energy technology it's hard for people that people are just used to the muscular musculoskeletal part. There, they identify with their muscles and their bones.

That's easy to see and easy to feel when something's wrong, but we're really made up of water and energy is such a principle part of what we are. And this is where I'm hoping that with Phillip, we can help educate people and make them aware of it. And yeah, personally, I've I've I've had a personal change where over 10 years ago, I overcame some over my body, had overreactions with certain foods, certain allergens in my diet.

And coincidentally I was working with with someone on bioresonance and all that. And he was able to reverse. Through something, I basically had such a hard time explaining what he did to available water and for 20 day treatment completely corrected that. But again, over the last three years, I've had a better understanding of it and want it to share what we've S w we now share our stories and we share our microscopy and our blood work.

But, I wanted to dive much deeper into this and with Philipp with your background and how you're leading into this space, I wanted everyone to know about you and your company, and what you offer. Is there a question I had for you? Is there something that can be done on a larger scale? I know we focus on our own personal environments either.

It's a wearable in the mattress coming from that big business, big corporate, is there something that can be done? At the macro level that the telecom companies can implement, or is this something that has to really be done or is that something we're aspiring to, or is it something that really has to be done in our own personal environments?

Philipp: It's both. Yes we do have the option already with what we have today to not just cover a small area. So even the infinity block that we have covers a field of about a one kilometer radius that is pretty big. Now it cannot neutralize and harmonize EMF in this whole radius.

It's just, that's how far the actual field of this pure quantum energy is, but it covers in terms of the EMF neutralization about at least 40% of that, if not 50. So we're talking. At least in a radius of 400 meters, which is quite large, right? So it easily covers a whole farm, even, in a city would cover a part of a neighborhood really.

And we could certainly extend that. And then there's also, if you had one of those every 500 meters, if you will, then you could basically have a network that covers a whole city and I can envision other methods as well. You were maybe a whole cell tower is already charged by our technology or something like that.

In addition to that. So that's something we haven't really thought about yet, but it's definitely already possible in the way I just described. And I think we have even more options beyond that. If a group of people ever wanted to go down that path in a certain neighborhood. 

Jack: Interesting, because as you mentioned before about grounding, I think grounding to me is outdated. It's not with the times because it's not just electronic devices that people are looking at that the bigger thing is this energy around us, this chaotic energy coming from wifi data downloads and everything around us. So this is where I know we have so many of our followers and customers who have adopted and are into the grounding mat.

But what I've been trying to tell them that's very much outdated. You really have to look at quantum energy. I guess one of the things there's, how would you explain what you do? How do you guys manage and control the energy? That would be something that I think people would love to.

Philipp: Yeah. So it's interesting because we really work on both sides on the consciousness side, as well as on the scientific side. And we always come from the energetic side first. So there's this pretty special healer called Roman Hafner in Europe, they call him the window kin. He's not very well known in the U S because he doesn't really speak English, but he's been in the last 15 years, probably on every podcast there, because he was born with the ability to see each and every frequency in a very grand on a very granular level.

I don't know if there's anybody in the world that can actually look as granular as he can. You can do all these other things like remote viewing and all that as well. But just specifically to frequencies, it's amazing already as an 11 year old. He was asked by doctors to help him, to help them with diagnosis of patients that they had, that they didn't know what they have, or those were patients, they couldn't heal.

And then he would come in because he could see the heartbeat, he could see everything and he had to learn the physical, seeing he's a dear friend. And so with him and some other healers in our network, we work together to develop the products until they're perfect, as we deemed them. Perfect. Then we do tests and then also those come in a hundred percent positive only then we moved to the next step, which is then the real testing period, and then the scientific testing and all of that.

So it's the other way around from how you would usually go about product development. Probably, and yeah, it comes in very handy to have these skills. And so far everything was always validated by the science. So it's interesting. That's how we do it. And then how do you control the energy?

There's two things because certainly you may want to clarify. But so one thing is that this technology cannot be used for negative purposes or for manipulative purposes. That's I think very important because what it has built in is that it supports everything. That's life supportive and consciousness supporting, and neutralize, everything that's harmful or destructive to consciousness as well as to life.

Which means that, not only EMF is out there, EMF is what. See everywhere. And we know this now, but there's lots of other frequencies out there also that can be potentially harmful. And it doesn't matter which of this in the spectrum. It is it's neutralized. If it has a detrimental or destructive effect on the organism, which is quite, leads us to so many more studies that we're currently rolling out because it's like, where do you start?

Where do you end? Because we have a greenhouse here for testing purposes, for example, and plants are easy to test on actually, because. There's definitely no placebo. So you don't need to do a randomized double blind. It works in a different way. I've we've been impressed and with the growth, with the rapid growth of vegetables and flowers and all of that, because it supports the plants as well.

We don't know though, is it just a 50% acceleration and growth? A hundred percent of the 200%. So that's something that we're going to validate with studies so that we can also come up with more guidance. But yeah, so that's something, it's what we give out. You don't have to worry that you're overdoing it or underdoing it.

Also, what we tell people is that, one of the things that we tend to forget is that we really have this intuition within us that knows everything and we've gotten so blocked from that, that we don't trust ourselves anymore. But now is the time where we actually can access that even better than ever before.

Because wherever you look out there, you have this narrative and then you have the absolute opposite. And then you have a lots of stuff in between. And no matter what it is, right? Whether it's climate change or it's this disease, that disease or whatever it is, it doesn't really matter. You find always the full spectrum and you can't solve it by just going with the brain and reading through all these different opinions and perspectives.

And you wouldn't be able to, because there's so much out there, it's okay, where were the me? What is the truth? What resonates with me? What feels right? What feels wrong? And to train that again and access that's the path to our own inner power again. And that's what we always tell people to use our devices.

Let's check within yourself first. Do I, you know where this capsule now for a whole day today, or just for two hours, check in with yourself, and then by doing that more off, you actually train yourself. It's if you want to be a good tennis player, you need to train that. That's the only way to learn it.

And the same thing as with accessing all Paul, we need to retrain that. 

Whitney: Wow. I love that. And that gets me very excited. And I'm so glad that you brought that up. And we actually have someone who raised their hand to ask a question. So this is a great opportunity to let any of our live listeners on clubhouse, know that if you have follow up questions to anything that's been said or something new, anything about EMS and energy and all of these intertwining topics within this subject matter, I'm so excited.

So we have actually a couple of people and a heads up, anyone that comes up on stage. This is being recorded for the rise and thrive podcast. So you're giving us your are, you're giving us your permission for this to be recorded. And I'm going to start off with Cassandra.

Kassandra: Good afternoon. Good evening. I think Philipp may know who I am. 

Philipp: Yes, of course. 

Kassandra: I just wanted to jump up. I don't particularly have a question, but I just kinda wanted to add some essence to the conversation I own one of Phillips from Levi tech, the I have all of, many of the cards and I also have the infinity block.

So when Phillip was talking about how they've been able to test it with plants I wanted to share an example. I wanted to test it with my broccoli sprouts. So I tested one batch with the infinity block where I would hold it in the infinity block for about a minute and a half to three minutes for.

Each day. And within that timeframe between a infinity charge and a non infinity charge. Now this is the block where you can put items in it. And what he was talking about as far as building that space around to protect from EMF, I collapsed 50% of the time. So my broccoli sprouts were in full combustion within about three and a half days to four days compared to a six to seven day batch.

So I love it. We're creating some fun projects together, but the last thing I wanted to say is that I really believe that this technology is being done in every layer correctly from Lila. And and this is what I mean by that. Not only do we have just like the richest, big community validating all of their research.

But then you have, the Institute that he works with and these incredible healers. So to me, this is just the 21st century, next generation of how we cultivate energetic solutions. And I just appreciate Phillip's research and his diligence and what he's bringing into the community at large.

And that's what I wanted to add. So I am complete. Thanks so much, Jack and Whitney for hosting us. I've been trying to get his ass on clubhouse for months. 

Whitney: Our pleasure. Yeah. Thank you. I love that anecdote about the broccoli. That definitely gets me more fascinated by this technology as well. And it's such a great little case study.

Phillip, did you have anything to add? 

Jack: Tell us about the infinity block, 

Whitney: yeah. How does that work? What is, what's the visual, if we're going to paint a picture of what that is exactly. 

Philipp: Yeah, certainly, first of all, thanks there for that. And thanks for sharing that Brooklyn example, which I had not heard about before.

We had heard about other things in the CNO, our own tests, but this is great to see and to hear. And yeah, so for the ones that are watching, this is the quantum block that I'm holding here for the ones that are just listening. It's basically roughly eight by eight inch device that we call the quantum blog.

What's the basic version that has a plate on the top and a plate on the bottom. And in between those plates, there's a concentrated quantum energy space in there that can do quite some amazing things. And then the infinity blocks bigger brother, if you will, or the stronger brother of this, it looks pretty much the same, except it has three plates on the top and three plates on the bottom with a little bit of separation in between now.

That's the actual technology that people can, that we make available, that people can basically almost do the same thing that we do, because we didn't want to follow this old well business model where we have something and we make everybody else dependent on it. That's for us a model of the past, we want that the right stuff gets in the right people hands that they can use it also.

So yeah, you can charge an imprint, any object with pure quantum energy that you put inside. You can copy any and all frequencies, except that those destructive frequencies, like a fear frequency or things like that, manipulative frequencies, those would just fall through. But if you wanted to copy a frequency of a healing plan, for example, you could do that in there within seconds, frankly.

So those are just two applications of something that you put in. Your silverware, for example, would be a good example. That's very visible, your Rolex watch or whatever, what you have. If it's some metal, it would be very visible because metal holds and transmits quantum energy very well. 

This is what you can do by just putting something in. And how does it look like when I put like silverware in for example, it would, for some people that are not so sensitive, they would at least be able to tell it looks more beautiful now, but then even people that are not so sensitive, but maybe a little bit, they can literally feel it.

And if you had a dining table set up, usually you have your neighbors over and now you have suddenly charged plates, such charged glasses, charged silverware. It couldn't get more beautiful because there's this energy transmitting from that's and then you could leverage it for your purposes. You could put your cell phone in there.

For example, I'm not saying that you then have a healing device in your pocket afterwards, but we've done also some tests with that before and after. And it's quite significant. So those are the two things. That have actually a whole set of opportunities and options of what you can actually charge and what you can do.

And we have a telegram group with over 1,300 users in it that constantly come up with new stuff that they charge or what they can do with it. But then you can also just your water, your groceries. For example, I shouldn't forget that. Obviously you can charge that and you can energetically optimize them and neutralize harmful frequencies, but you can also just put it in your home and not put anything.

And then it provides this field. There's very concentrated field is inside the plates, as I said, but then you have this large radios. The quantum blog that I showed here has a radios of about 140 feet, 145 feet. And then as I said, the infinity block, robotic kilometer, and that's not as strong outside as inside, but it's strong enough to still have a positive effect on the cells and on the human body and plants around, et cetera.

Jack: What you're doing is you're making that technology available for people to use on all of their products within their lifestyle. And that's pretty amazing because the whole wellness community is all about sharing and expanding and making this. Go through and expand as quickly as possible.

So we, as a community can thrive. And so love that you're not just making and you have products and you tell us about your product as well. You have products that you've that you offer. But the fact that you're making the technology available to everyone is commendable and really the big thinking on on what we can achieve.

Whitney: Absolutely. And thank you, Cassandra for coming up. We'll be linking to this video. Again, you can go to https://myessentia.com/podcast. We'll link to the video version of this to a, for anyone who wants to see the visuals. Next up we have Brad. And after that David, I'll bring you up. And Brad, we'd love to hear from you. 

Brad: Cool. Yeah, thanks so much for spending the time and sharing. I'm also a person background in tech still am in tech. So I spend a lot of time in front of the computer devices and I've been on this journey these last few years of wellness and just start out with severe joint pain arthritis and.

Have achieved some pretty good healing just through diet and exercise, but then also, start on this journey of learning about EMS and how that affects the body and have started down this journey of using different grounding pads, things like that through, both under my desk and as well as the mattress and have had some improvement, but still experiencing, what's been super frustrating on most nights is a restless legs syndrome.

Don't really know exactly what it is, but essentially when I'm about to fall asleep, my legs move almost uncontrollably. And in this it disrupts sleep and almost feels like electricity running down my legs and. What I think, and at least my intuition says it is it's my exposure to EMS and being on the computer all day.

But anyways, yeah, I wanted to say thank you. And curious to see if you folks have any thoughts or insight into what I'm going through myself.

Jack: The we've seen a lot on on, on people having any reaction jerky reactions is often has to do with pressure as well. So while it could be EMS and have Phillip maybe address that on the energy. But a lot of times there are pressures that are there and the physical pressures as well, whether it may not be on the leg, it may stem from your back.

It may stem from your shoulders where our bodies are energetically connected from head to toe and something happening in a different part of the body may be manifesting itself on the leg. And the, where is a typical external limbs that kind of get that shocking behavior tends to happen to our outer limbs more than it does in our core.

So that's definitely something to consider. And Phillip, anything you see as far as energy and how that impacts really seeing physical physical impacts that we can we visibly and. 

Philipp: Yeah. So the first thing is certainly that if the body tells us something like that it's always worth listening to and then it's like the challenge for us to introduce changes, whether it may be, that's just the first thing. And it could mean something that maybe to reduce the amount of time to be on a screen or phone, like in the evening times, maybe if you have the chance to just take that further an hour or so, like some little changes that, don't disrupt your whole life may already be beneficial or do a walk around the block or somewhere nature, not sure where you'll live, be before you, or when you have your last, The screen time, if you will, and then you take a walk or something like that, and then go to bed and see what that does.

That's just something relatively easy without introducing any other changes to see if that shows you do it a few times, if that improves anything. And then yeah, certainly with, we see that a lot, because a lot, we have a lot of EMF sensitive people that know our customers now because they've struggled with similar things and yeah it's, it seems to be a nervous system reaction.

And that is something that can certainly mitigate it by harmonizing it and could be further supported by specific frequencies. That's one thing that we didn't talk about yet, but. We not only have this technology that, that does what it does and that we already talked about, but we also, with all our healers, we develop certain frequencies for various use cases.

So that use case may be anxiety and stress because that's indeed also one that we've focused on because a lot of people have this issue. So we've developed the inner heat, inner peace frequency card, which, promotes this inner peace and how these frequency cards work.

Cause they don't work like a, like an ibuprofen or something that would kill off a symptom. And then as soon as you not take it, you have it again. It's more like that. Yeah. It helps with the symptoms, but at the same time, it reminds you system. That it can replicate it so you can work with it.

So we always call like the little healer for your pocket, because that's pretty much how it is and there's different ones. We even have one for sleep and rest and all that. I would, by the way if you're thinking about that now don't get that one. I never recommend that first because the inner peace is usually the one that helps people already quite a bit, because we all have this inner peace within us.

But it's about, it's blocked or hidden and we ha we just have the stress all over. So what it does it stimulates that again so that it can expand from there and it helps to calm the mind and all of that. It doesn't make us sleepy at all. It just makes us be more in this inner peace in this inner balance and off that, something like that already helps.

And, there's certainly other ways you can achieve that as well. Maybe meditating, I don't want to go too far into this now, those are just some first ideas. 

Jack: Interestingly enough, Brad your situation is it really resonates with a lot of what we focused on over the last few years is eliminating stimulants because your body can overreact to stimulants in a different way.

We focused on. Eliminating stimulants and the sleep environment specifically. So you slow down your central nervous system and that you have better sleep, better recovery, but that stimulant could be from light. And and your body kind of reacting to this differently. I happened to be wearing them.

Now. I wear them frequently when I'm in front of a screen, I'll have blue light eliminating glasses, just to, if you guys spend a lot of time on the computer and Phillip was saying, go layer by layer to S to making these changes and seeing which ones continue to be helpful towards eliminating this overreaction from your nervous system.

So whether it be light blocking glasses definitely with the technology that Phillip here has for you for your energy a non-toxic environment. Every everything plays a role at overstimulating, your central nervous. And we all kind of our bodies react differently to it. So peeling that banana one layer at a time or onion, one layer or whatever you want to call it, whatever analogy of figuring out which you know, how to eliminate most or all stimulants in your sleep environment or leading up to it, your daytime environment that will all make a difference for you.

Whitney: I love all this advice. This is great for all of us even seen Jack wearing his blue blocker glasses makes me want to put mine on. Lots of a inspiring nuggets of wisdom here. We have David up next and thank you so much, Brad, for your question. And we may have time for one other question after David.

So if anyone wants to raise their hand we'll bring you up. If we can, before we wrap up in about 10 minutes 

Kassandra: as David comes up, I'll just share a little bit for the gentleman. I don't know if he just left, but. One thing that I do is I use the cards and I like to put them on my solar plexus at night when I go to bed.

And that just helps set my body, reduce CMF and just bring those frequencies in. But one key thing I wanted to point out there about the tools from Philipp is that card that's in that link up there. Th the, I do biofeedback. So brute force with harmonics with energy at night is a bad thing.

When you use technology like this, it creates equilibrium and balance. And so it brings the body back into balance. So that's why these technologies is differentiation between some of the force brute with energy technology. So just quick thing there. 

Whitney: Thank you, Kassandra. Hi, David. 

David: Hello and good afternoon to everybody. I'm coming to you from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and it's a delight to be on this call earlier this week. After some due diligence with some family members, Jack, I entered your world and working with Kelly, who I saw much appreciate bought an Essentia mattress. And little did. I know that it wasn't a mattress.

I was buying. I was buying into a community and and the doors that, that community would open for me. And it started in part with your invite to join clubhouse and jump on a podcast on a topic that I was vaguely aware of, but I'm not immersed in. So Jack, thank you, Kelly. Thank you and I'll tell you if I could figure out a way to get up to your factory. I'd follow my mattress through your factory. I'm invested and and Kelly exercise, infinite patience with me as I, through all the questions that are about enhancing, perhaps the most important sector of the day.

And that's the quality of sleep we receive. I am a severe sleep apnea survivor that rolled into an ischemic stroke and paralyzed me that I came out of Holi. And then the due diligence started what the heck was going on. So that's for another day, but Philipp, thank you for what you're sharing. I'm in the fourth court tile of my life.

And I have spent my work a day world being a head led person. And since moving into retirement, I have spent an awful lot of time in the land of introspection. Getting into my heart, getting into my gut. What's important. And I find this topic fascinating. I also feel like I've, I entered the wrong door and I'm auditing a doctorate level course and all things, quantum that being said, I am very interested.

Philipp if you or others could share some resources for individuals like me that followed the yellow brick road, bought a mattress, joined the podcast, but I'm not saying when there's so many of the topics being discussed here, are there points of entry in terms of resources, literature, et cetera, that someone such as myself could use to further invest themselves in this discipline and see where it takes me.

Whitney: Fantastic question, David. I can't wait to hear your answer. 

Philipp: The answer is yes, because we have a Telegraf group, which is basically a user group. It's I mentioned that earlier over 1,300 members are ready and most of them are pretty active and super kindhearted. And like-minded, so it's a really fun community and it's all about learning and sharing and experiencing, and it's like a journey that will all end together.

And I've, I feel like I'm part of that as every other member as well. And you can ask any question there, and there's never a dumb question or request that has been asked already. 10 times doesn't matter. There will be people answering the question and if they don't, then I do. Plus we have a. A pin post there that contains a lot of very helpful links for videos and interviews and things like that to dive further into that topic.

And so maybe what I'll do I'll share the invite link with Jack because it's a private group, so you can't search it on telegram. You wouldn't find it, but I'll share. Okay. Yeah, I can maybe still send it to you so that you can put it in the video description and yeah, everybody that clicks on it can use it as the private.

Whitney: We actually will have a full transcript of this recording over at https://myessentia.com/podcast. And also on that page, we'll include a link to this so that everyone can get that amazing resource. Thank you so much, Phillip, for that. And David for asking, because I'm sure many people want to continue the journey after this conversation.

We're going to begin to wrap up today. So I want to see Jack, was there a final question that you have for Philipp before we wrap up? 

Jack: I don't think, there's too many questions, so we're not going to have to answer all the questions. Yeah. I won't put them all in the last three minutes of the show, but but ultimately I just want to give a message to everyone listening is I really encourage everyone to try to get involved in the community, reach out to Philipp, reach out to all the different information website that he had.

I'm really impressed with you. I'm really impressed with the with Lila and what you guys are doing and hope that this really takes it. It is taking on traction. We, I can see that it's taken on traction, but more people educate themselves on this, get involved. This traction we'll really reach new levels.

I'm excited about that as a company Essentia we're committed to keep the conversation going and see how we work your technology into what we do. I'm excited about that or what's the follow with us? But like I said, we were just a select group of products.

Obviously we focus on sleep. So I'm excited about what this does for sleep, but, w we live 24 7 so it's not just sleep. So Phillip can bring so many great products to life here for a better life. So I appreciate you being on here. And really encouraging everyone to get to know you that much better.

Whitney: And Phillip, what is the best way for people to learn more about the work that you do from here on out? Where do they start? Do you have one website that you can direct them to social media? 

Philipp: Yeah. So leelaq.com. L E L a q.com is the website. And certainly we have lots of information there, but then and then yeah, we'll, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and so on which is fun of course, to engage there.

But then again, just the telegram group is really amazing for. Your own research. You don't have to have any of our products in order to join you. If you just are interested in that topic, feel free to do and everybody will welcome you. So that's a great way. And then also, if you ever wanted to get in touch with me personally, you can do that also through telegram in that, in that group, you would see me also, you can click on that and then private message me.

That's, I'm not asking everybody to do this now, so please don't this already get a lot of messages, but I answer all of the messages I get. Sometimes it takes a few days, but I always. 

Whitney: Incredible. Thank you for being accessible there and for chatting with us today, I hope that this is just the beginning of your clubhouse journey, because you can see how many people are interested in this.

And thank you, Cassandra, as well. Maybe that I could see the two of you doing clubhouses together. Thank you for coming up here and sharing and thank you to Brad and David for your wonderful questions, David, I feel like we, we should be sending you a check for your incredible testimonial today. I promise to all of our listeners, so that was not planned.

Kassandra: I'm going to go buy a bed!

Whitney: yes. And Jack on that note, what's coming up for Essentia right now as we get towards the end of the year in the beginning of a new year, is there anything, anyone who has not purchased any Essentia products that they should be looking at? 

Jack: For us it's always evolving, always learning and always trying to make everything better. This time of year we're really in our gratitude mode and really focus on what we've been working on all year has been our better hood, because there's so many parts of what we do. There's one is focused on wellness. But then it's on our social consciousness. So this year we, it's all kind of wrapping up now in, in November where our philanthropic campaigns I've now become such an, a real big part of what we do at Essentia it's part of our ops meeting every single day, because everyone's so involved in the giving part of our of of our company.

And I am really proud that we've reached that maturity level at. We're giving is part of our daily routine. So that's kinda, what comes to mind with us is not only when people are buying our products and proud that we're delivering wellness, we're helping them with their w with those personal journeys, but that it fuels a community of goodness as well.

So I'm pretty proud of that. That was one of the topics I had this morning with my team, how proud I am of them, because they're very passionate and engaged in their daily routines as part of our giving. I think it's all a big circle and we're all part of this part of this life together. So it's amazing when we get to that level of giving.

And that's what the show is about, right? That's what we're bringing Phillip to share all that, what we've learned and share his knowledge and let people continue to. 

Whitney: Absolutely. Thank you, Jack. And the whole Essentia team. Thank you, Philipp. Thank you to everyone who listened live on clubhouse and those listening to the podcast.

Again, if you go to https://myessentia.com/podcast, so you can see all the episodes, all the transcripts, all the resources there for you. We really appreciate you. We hope to see you on clubhouse and until then, I hope you're doing very well. All the best, everyone.