Going ProCor

A custom mattress for next level recovery. Each athlete is uniquely built. It’s no coincidence, an athlete’s body is molded by the sport they play and training they endure. The results are spinal deviations, muscular tensions and weight distribution that require more than just a mattress. So we’ve designed and developed a custom sleep system unique to each athlete’s individual profiles. We call the process Essentia ID, the result is a custom mattress we call ProCor.

Jean Pascal Professional Boxer Light-Heavyweight Champion

Razor Sharp Focus

Sleep is all about recovery and the ProCor puts those 8 hours on overdrive. The ProCor bed nurtures the body, allowing it to heal and recalibrate. Pressure points are eliminated and blood circulates freely, feeding your body and mind. We do this through personalized posture support. Essentia’s Natural Memory Foam is uniquely formulated to match individual muscular tensions, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s a true custom mattress for Next Level Sleep.

Athletes live in a world where milliseconds matter. Going from zero to hero, or not, is very real. Making the right decisions quickly takes hyper acute skills that we enhance through performance sleep. The ProCor mattress is all about peak-performance, designed to get you into slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) faster and keep you there longer. This is where you repair tissue, build muscle and allow your brain to recover from the grind. ProCor amplifies yours skills. It’s you, only better.

Athlete Procor Chart

Meet Andy O'Brien

Director of Sport Science & Performance, Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL. Strength and conditioning coach to NHL superstars Sidney Crosby and Matt Duchene, Andy knows a thing or two about performance training and recovery. After discovering Essentia he knew he had to experience our mattresses first hand. Andy jumped on a plane and headed straight to an Essentia showroom.

Here’s what he thought about us: “Essentia is the only mattress that has performed well with my athletes. Other mattresses can stimulate the central nervous system making it difficult for athletes to get the proper rest and recovery.”

Cory Clement, Philadelphia Eagles, 2017 Super Bowl Champs

“I know from experience how crucial proper recovery is to my performance during the season and leading up to Super Bowl. That’s why it was so important for me to prioritize the kind of sleep I experience. Essentia was the answer for me, since sleeping on my Essentia I fall asleep right away and wake up feeling refreshed. I can feel that the quality of sleep I’ve been getting translates into my performance on field. This is hands down the game changer for any professional athlete.”


Josh Morrissey, Winnipeg Jets

“When I was originally referred to Essentia, I was told it would be a total game-changer, but a part of me was still skeptical that any mattress could be that much better than the rest. It took me one sleep to realize the difference. My Essentia mattress allows me to wake up feeling completely rested every morning. With all the travel across multiple time zones, the hours of training, and the wear and tear on my body from a busy NHL game schedule, I’m always amazed at how I wake up with my body feeling great. I have now slept on the mattress for almost 2 years, and I can’t remember a time where I’ve woken up with a sore, tight back. The usual “morning aches and pains” when rolling out of bed simply aren’t there. I was told it would be a game-changer for my rest and recovery, and that’s exactly what it’s been.”


Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers

"One key to success is proper recovery and my @essentia custom mattress helps my body get #NextLevelSleep"


Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks, Captain

"As a professional hockey player, getting not only as much sleep as I can, but deep restful sleep is crucial in order to perform at my best. Since I got my new Essentia bed, every night, I fall asleep right away and I wake up so rested. Optimal sleep translates into optimal performance. Hands down, Essentia has the best mattress!"


Matt Wisler, Atlanta Braves

“Absolutely love sleeping on my new Essentia mattress! It's the best sleep I've gotten, and I feel so refreshed and relaxed when I wake up.”


Max Pacioretty, Las Vegas Golden Knights

“I feel that most of my recovering from injuries happens while I sleep. Sleep (in my mind) is the most important part of recover. That’s why I felt the need to search for the best mattress and I felt that the Essentia mattress was the best out there. I am definitely satisfied with the quality of sleep I have been getting.”


Hayley Wickenheiser, Five-Time Olympic Medalist

“The benefits of a great mattress are huge for everyday life. I sleep much better on my Essentia mattress. I wake up feeling more rested and less sore. Try it and you will never look back!”


Matt Duchene, Columbus Blue Jackets

“My Essentia bed allows me to get the quality of sleep I need to perform. As the NHL schedule is so grueling, rest becomes extremely important. I know with the comfort and feeling Essentia provides, I will get the best rest possible, rest which will generate higher on-ice performance.”


Zina Kocher, Canadian Olympic Biathlete

“From the moment I received my Essentia mattress I've slept much more soundly, without my usual lower back discomfort and nerve pain. Training everyday requires recovery at a whole other level. You have to be ready to push your limits and sleeping on a performance mattress that provides healthy, toxin free sleep is top priority.”


Jon Bernier, Detroit Red Wings

Being a professional athlete requires a lot of moving from city to city, the only thing that has remained constant is my Essentia mattress. It is the main key to my daily recovery from our grueling game and training schedule for peak on ice performance.


“I quickly realized the Essentia custom mattress was nothing like other memory foam mattresses. We love the switch we made, it stays cool, it doesn’t wrap around you like a hot dog bun and it supports your whole body especially your back. We love the bed.”

“I travel with my Essentia mattress when I am training in preparation for a fight. It came with me from Montreal to Vegas to Big Bear and back.”

“My body was pushed to extremes as a sprinter. This changed the way I feel every day. It's amazing.”

"Game changer! First night on my new @Essentia and I'm feeling like a new man. Now the hard part is getting out of bed! #investinsleep"

“I really enjoy my Essentia bed. The Essentia process and how they are able to customize the bed to my needs, makes a huge difference in my sleep. Since I got it, I have never slept better.”

“We look forward to crawling into bed every night and awake each morning with an invigorated sense of rejuvenation and feeling like we’ve been supported perfectly all night long. We couldn’t be happier with our Essentia mattress!”