Memory Foam Mattress Foundations

More support than a boxspring, these foundations are the perfect complement for your Essentia mattress. Our high-density memory foam mattresses require a solid foundation and these fit the bill. Whether you are looking for a more traditional box spring style foundation or a great adjustable foundation you’ll find them here.
Rize Adjustable Foundation
from $2,505.00
A fresh, stylish motion bed base for your natural memory foam mattress, our adjustable bed frame takes your sleep experience to the next level. The Rize adjustable foundation offers a full range of motion, featuring massage function, head tilt, an...
Vertebase 2.0
from $658.00
Essentia mattresses are known for their high-quality ingredients and durable foams. These qualities don’t come lightly, Essentia mattresses are hefty and can weigh upwards of 150 pounds based on the model. The Vertebase 2.0 is designed to perfect...