Place an Essentia banner or link on your website and start earning money today!

Affiliate Program Highlights:

        - Performance incentives.
       - A brand that’s making waves.

Our green affiliate program is designed to earn you more money by joining ShareASale, an affiliate marketing network. All affiliate related information will be managed through ShareASale. 


What does it cost to join?
Joining is fast, easy and free and you can opt-out at any time.

Does my site qualify?
If you think your site would qualify, chances are it will for Essentia’s affiliate program. Sites are reviewed manually and approved quickly. We reserve the right to deny any site we feel may not coincide with Essentia's goals or that contain inappropriate content such sexually explicit material, discriminate and/or promote violence etc.

What's my commission structure?
Commission structures can be seen once you're approved and have access to the control panel. Your earning potential is unlimited. We have designed this program to ensure maximum earnings for our affiliates with not only commission based sales but CPM as well.

How can I get started?
Fill out our registration form and it will get reviewed within 1 week. At that point, you can log in and start earning. 

What about product returns?
If a purchase is refunded, either by a customer return or credit card dispute/fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How do I keep track of my earnings?
When logged in you’ll have full access to all important data such as earnings, clicks etc.

What is provided by Essentia?
We’ll provide you with several banner types and sizes as well as text links to choose from. 

Are there any technical skills needed?
If know how to cut and paste, you’ll be fine. All banners and links can be cut and pasted into your website code.

Can I bid on the Essentia trademarked name?
Essentia does not allow any use of trademark bidding or URL bidding.