Incline Sleep Kit

$775.00 CAD

The Incline Sleep Kit can be added to your Rize Adjustable Foundation to make sleeping on an incline easy! 

Elevate your sleep and reap the health benefits with our Incline Sleep Kit. Raising your upper body provides multiple advantages, such as alleviating heartburn and acid reflux, and aiding in digestion. Sleeping in an inclined position promotes better airflow through nasal passages, reduces snoring, and enhances overall sleep quality.

The Incline Sleep Kit works in conjunction with the Rize 2.0 Adjustable Foundation, offering a maximum incline of 12 degrees and the convenience of a flat position. With this kit, you won't have to elevate the head or rearrange the foundation legs to achieve an incline. Additionally, the option to lie flat maintains the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Rize Adjustable Foundation Not Included. This is the Incline Sleep Kit only which is meant to be installed on the Rize Adjustable Foundation.

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