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Come try organic mattresses and the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world for yourself at our Vancouver mattress store in the heart of Kitsilano.


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Location Overview

Popular in Vancouver for over 5 years now, we're very happy to have a home in beautiful Kitsilano. Come experience what our organic mattresses and natural memory foam mattresses are all about.

Our organic mattresses are made with certified organic latex foam and our natural memory foam mattresses provide the best of both worlds, luxurious comfort and health. Best of all, Essentia mattresses are made in Canada by the Essentia team.

Most of our natural latex mattresses are made with our proprietary natural memory foam making them free of toxins commonly found in regular memory foam mattresses or spring mattresses.

Even the best organic mattresses and latex mattresses miss the mark when it comes to comfort. That's usually because they top them with wool which isn't pressure relieving. Your hips and shoulders feel this most. This is why we invented and patented a natural memory foam, a pressure relieving natural latex foam mattress that is not only natural but supremely comfortable as well.

Pressure relief is measurable. Latex mattresses, or even your top-of-the-line spring mattresses offer a pressure relief measured at 30+ mmhg. Essentia mattresses delivery pressure relief of 12.25 mmhg. Healthcare industry considered anything under 32mmhg pressure relieving. Your body will feel the difference with an Essentia latex mattress.

Come try these Canadian made memory foam mattresses for yourself!