Handcrafted Custom Size Mattresses

Image showing Essentia factory worker measuring a custom size mattress

As a GOLS and GOTS certified organic manufacturer Essentia is proud to have the ability to customize the size of any Essentia mattress model. Your custom mattress is handmade with our high-quality organic components and can take up to 15 business days to craft before shipping. 

You can take the comfort of Essentia with you anywhere! If you have the dimensions, we can build you a custom mattress. We have the ability to customize the size of any Essentia Lifestyle, Performance, or ProCor mattress. Simply pick your Essentia organic mattress model and let us know the dimensions you need. 

  • RV Mattresses or Truck Mattresses
    From custom dimensions to custom height options, we can build you a pressure-reliving mattress to keep you energized on long road trips. Driving while sleepy has been proven to be dangerous, so you need to ensure the hours of sleep that you get on the road keep you alert and feeling great. 

  • Yacht Mattresses 
    Have an interesting shaped area for your boat mattress? With your template, we can make a mattress to perfectly fit your humidity-controlled cabin. That includes rounded corners or special shapes. When making a boat mattress, especially one that is a special shape, we will request that a template be sent to us so that we can custom fit your space. 

  • Oversized Mattresses  
    Are you a professional athlete that is taller than the average person or do you have a special area that needs a very large mattress, we can create an oversized mattress to fit your needs. From 84” x 100” to 108” x 108”, we can create an oversized mattress for your space including Texas King size, Wyoming King size, or Alaskan King size. 

  • Loft Mattresses 
    Some loft areas or built-ins require specific sizes, as long as it is a climate-controlled environment a custom size Essentia mattress can complete your space. 

  • Murphy Beds and Wall Beds 
    Optimizing space in your home shouldn’t mean that you cannot experience a high-quality organic mattress. We can help you ensure you pick a model that fits the weight requirements of your murphy bed or wall bed. If needed, we can also custom the height or dimensions of the mattress as needed. 

  • European Size Mattresses 
    Some specialty bed frames or antique bed frames are done following European mattress sizes, we can custom size your mattress to match any European mattress size. 



We would be happy to provide you a quote for your custom mattress. Simply fill out the contact us form here or chat with one of our sleep experts to help!

To provide an accurate quote for your custom mattress, we will need to know the Essentia model and exact size dimensions that it will need to be customized to fit. All custom-sized mattress orders are final sale, and our sleep expert will be happy to help you decide on the perfect Essentia model to fit your sleep needs and preferences. 

When you receive your quote, you will see the Essentia mattress pricing plus the customization fee. If your custom size is larger than a standard size, you will purchase the standard mattress size that is the next size up and pay for customization. With odd sizes and shapes, our team will consult with you to best determine if we will need a template or approval on design drawings prior to producing. 


  • Our patented Beyond Latex organic foam and organic latex mattresses maintain clean air, especially in small spaces, by using organic components.
  • Ensure that the space your custom Essentia mattress will be in is climate and humidity controlled.
  • You must use a firm and breathable surface for your custom-size mattress.
  • If using slats, ensure slats are completely flat and firm with no more than 3 inches of space between each slat. 
  • Your custom mattress is final sale, however is covered by Essentia's 20-Year Warranty.  
  • Custom mattresses take up to 15 business day to manufacture prior to shipping. 


You can get an Essentia mattress in a split queen, split king ( 2 TwinXL mattresses), or a split cal king with no need to special order or pay a customization fee. These are available in most all-foam models, and are the perfect options for use on adjustable bases so each person has their own remote control and own range of motion.