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Organic Sheet

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The Essentia Difference

Not all organic mattresses are created equally, in fact Essentia harnesses the power of nature and takes it to the next level offering comfort and performance unlike any other mattress on the market. 

✔  Made in our GOLS & GOTS Certified Organic Factory in Canada
✔  Creators of The World's Only Natural Memory Foam
✔  Ethically Sourced Materials
✔  Organic Latex
✔  Gots Certified Organic Cotton Cover
✔  No Chemical Flame Retardants
✔  Hypoallergenic & impervious to dust mites as reported by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. 
✔  Sleep Cool Naturally! Essentia natural memory foam pulls heat away from your body so you sleep up to 7 degrees cooler over an 8 hour sleep cycle.