Essentia Rules

As you can see from the review grid above, Essentia memory foam mattresses are pretty amazing.

No-Name Mattress Brand Comparison

There are very few memory foam manufacturers in North America. Some include Tempur-Pedic, Carpenter, Foamex, and Essentia. Some are European and most are Chinese.

“Me Too” memory foam mattress retailers may buy from different suppliers but it all derives from the same manufacturers. Since most memory foams are close to identical, retailers distinguish themselves with price, reviews, marketing verbiage all-the-while piggybacking on the Tempurpedic brand. Ask any memory foam mattress company to answer the questions in our grid.

Greenwashing is everywhere, with companies claiming to have eco memory foam mattresses. They'll call them BiOH foams, plant based memory foam mattresses or soy memory foam mattresses. Only 2-20% of the ingredients are replaced with natural ingredients so all previous issues remain.

The Essentia Difference

Essentia is the only brand to successfully improve memory foam because we've solved many issues instead of masking them. We've addressed most issues with memory foam mattresses such as recover time, pressure relief etc.

It took years to develop our patented natural memory foam and molding process.

Comfort, Quality without Compromise. Read our story.